The boys can have some attention … :]

As the planning comes along, more and more questions arise. Z. asked me where my favor lies in regards to bow ties or neckties. I have no particular one that strikes me as better than the other but I can’t seem to make up my mind. I’m guilty for having concentrated on all of the “girly” details, so in all honesty I haven’t given the groomsmen any thought, yet. Oops!! Hopefully this entire post about the tie issue will buy me some forgiveness. :]

Yellow Necktie

This yellow necktie is fun, yet still more on the formal side. It looks clean and sophisticated, and I’m adoring the look. Z. has a couple of fair-skinned groomsmen that he had particularly been concerned about in regards to the yellow — will they look washed out? This option definitely keeps more of the yellow tucked away from the face. What fashionista came up with that color palette?? :]

Yellow and grey-striped bow tie.

On the fabulous board that M. created for me, she included a yellow and grey striped bow tie, which I ADORE. This would help to keep the atmosphere light and fun, which is exactly what I want. As I would be concerned with a solid yellow bow tie bringing more yellow closer to the face, this almost dilutes the yellow. This is a contender.

Without a doubt, the groomsmen will be in yellow suspenders, so I’m trying to picture which tie would look best — I think that the bow tie would almost be comical, and that’s a little too laid-back than what I’m aiming for.

Well, after this weekend Z. and I have appointments with 6 out of our 9 venue choices for Memorial Day weekend, where we will make our trek to the great state of Arizona in search for the perfect place to get married. After that I will then 100% confirm the feel and the color scheme and the style because who knows? I may show up somewhere and fall in love with a venue that strikes a different fancy, and everything may be flopped (then I’d really go nuts)! Once we return from Phoenix I will definitely let you in on all of my pictures and ideas and blog about each venue, but until then all I have to do is dream about more little details … I HAVE to keep busy. :]

If you have any blog requests, feel free to leave comments!! I have no doubt that I will eventually be out of crazy details and brilliant ideas …



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7 responses to “The boys can have some attention … :]

  1. Jamie

    Ems..I love the yellow tie and suspender idea…we will have to get cam some little ones for him to match the boys…and yes he would look sooo adorable in a bow-tie!!!

  2. Kathy

    Sweetie…how about yellow and gray striped REGULAR tie? You’d have the fun of the stripes and the sophistication of a regular tie. Of course, you can always look at a yellow and gray ascott …it’s a little more formal than the bowtie and a little less formal than a regular tie…

  3. Tami

    I was going to say the same thing as Kathy about the striped tie! If you’re doing suspenders, the bow-tie is definitely going to be comical. The groomsmen will look goofy. Maybe adorably goofy, but goofy none-the-less!

    I also like Kathy’s idea of an ascot, but I can’t picture an ascot with suspenders. They’re pretty different looks to combine…


    • Kathy

      You are right. If the suspenders are a MUST, the ascot will not work. But I DO like the look of an ascot.

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  5. Kathy

    OOPS, Tami…you are right…if the suspenders are a MUST, an ascot will not work.

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