A girl can never have too many shoes, right?

Calling ALL girls!! Especially those of you who LOVE shoes! I am most satisfied with a broken-in pair of Rainbows, so shoes are not my forte.

Now, I feel as though this is almost as important as choosing a dress. I’ve been back and forth on what type and color would be best for the venue that Z. and I choose, and if it’s outdoors, I’d hate to be sinking into the grass and hobbling around. In that case, a flat or a wedge sounds like the perfect solution, with a possibility of a cowboy boot (don’t cringe, look at how cute this is).

Yellow, Grey AND Boots?? What could be better?

However, a friend has noted that as I am from a small town and have a more “country” nature, my fiance Z. is not. It may fit the feeling of the venue, but perhaps not His character (Z. did say it was okay, for the record). If boots were to be a realistic option, I would have chosen grey for the sole purpose of carrying on the color palette, but these browns look more the part. I, of course, would be in a nice pair of mustard yellow or cream ones, of which I haven’t found a picture yet. Hehe :]

There is still the chance that a venue will make sense and will be indoors, thus allowing for heels. I’ve been referred to MyGlassSlipper’s gorgeous footwear. Here are a couple that I may be considering:

BM Raquel

I like the strap and the buckle around the back of the heel, giving me a stronger sense of security in terms of the heel slipping at all. The small flower on the front is feminine and shouldn’t take any of the focus off of the dress itself.

BM Xango

Because I am not graceful in heels, the back of this one makes me a little nervous, but I do believe that the open side of the shoe is gorgeous. The bow on the end of this heel looks slightly larger, so I’d have to try them on with the gown.

I’ve seen quite a few photos of bride’s that didn’t compromise comfort and sided with the Slipper/Ballet Shoe or a flip-flop — an ideal situation, for I am weary about a heel. I think that this look is perfectly paired with a ball gown, a dress that covers your feet; though, at a whopping 5’2″ I may drown in a huge, poofy ball gown … haha so many things to think about.

Any suggestions? More websites where I could find the perfect shoe??


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6 responses to “A girl can never have too many shoes, right?

  1. Kylie

    Toms wedding page: http://www.toms.com/womens/wedding-styles?view=all. The gray and yellow ones are super cute. Just sayin’ 🙂

    • gloria

      I WAS TOTALLY GOING TO GIVE OUT A TOMS SHOUT-OUT, TOO!! Their white glitters are VERY cute, I own the silver glitters and I get compliments on them all the time, PLUS you’d get to use them so many times AFTER the wedding and remember what they were for and smile. =) and the bridesmaids could wear them too in the yellow or grey depending on what you end up choosing.
      Emma, I’ve been following your blog and it’s all VERY fun to read. Keep on keeping on!!

  2. Tami

    SHOES!!! I currently have 70 pairs so I consider myself something of a professional.

    Okay, first. You don’t have to have any country in you at all to like the dress w/cowboy boots look. (Or wear it, for that matter!) It’s fun, funky, cute and they’re a comfy way to go. Now, if you’re thinking about putting your bridesmaids in them, too, keep in mind they can be pretty expensive. If they don’t already own them, and they won’t wear them again, they might not be thrilled about buying them.

    If you’re going with heels, I like the sandals with the flower. I think they’re classier looking. Plus, the BM Xango ones look they’d give you all sorts of blisters on your heels as well as the sides of your feet where top strap is. (I can eye a blister causing shoe from a mile away.)

    If you want to step out of the legit “wedding shoe” box, look at the lines Seychelles as well as Oh Deers!. Both make very cute, comfortable heels. Since it’s summer you might be able to find something that will work.

    And you know, if you want the idea or elegance of a heel, but not the heel itself, you can go with a kitten heel.

    If you’re not comfortable in heels I’d definitely go with a ballet flat. You’re going to be on your feet for HOURS. Sam Edelman makes super comfy, really fabulous flats. There won’t be a “wedding” line, but look around I bet you’ll be able to find something that fits your need – and your personality!

    As for flip-flops, unless you’re getting married on a beach in Mexico, they aren’t appropriate. Flip-flops are not shoes and they REALLY aren’t for dress-up! If you’re taking the time to find a gorgeous dress, do it right all the way across the board. Otherwise it’s going to look like you don’t really care. And I know you do! Plus, it is next to impossible to dance in flip-flops, and what’s a wedding reception without a whole lot of dancing?!

    And there you have my two – I mean ten – cents. Hope it helps at all!


  3. Kathy

    OK. I LOVE the strapped sandal…it fits you to a T. BUT, it is a SLING BACK, and as your toes slide to the front, the strap slides down, and you end up with a mule. I know, I’ve been there.

  4. Aimee


    Your blog is so cute! If you like mustard yellow so much have you thought of doing a colored pair of shoes with your white dress? I think it’s really cute when a pair of shoes no one expects comes out from underneath a dress. And yellow would be adorbs! I keep thinking about something like…


    I looked at the website and they don’t have them anymore i don’t think! But how cute are those 🙂

    • Aimee

      Ok… update: the shoes ARE on the website and they are US 67$ 🙂 I’m thinking about buying them for myself… TOTALLY WORTH IT.

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