Enough Teasing … Let’s talk Bridal Gowns

Now, there is no denying that I have been searching online and fallen in love with maybe 100+ gowns, but it is a totally different story when the dress isn’t placed on a 6 foot model who you could probably see through.

As stated before, a whopping 5’2″ won’t carry the length of the sample dress well but I am prepared to drag the excess fabric along the floor to any platform (lol, must be a platform) in front of a floor-length mirror. I have been reading plenty of articles and blogs in regards to “what dresses fit your body type?” and have developed favor for a specific type that is “supposed” to make me look a certain way. Despite the blogs that say drop-waists may elongate my ever-so-short torso and will shorten my legs and send me back to square one, it is still my top contender. Who really knows until you try some on, right? I swore that a ball gown would be too much … but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll reconsider since it will be my last chance to be a princess for a day.

**Please note: These are not dresses that I am considering — Z. will be reading the blog, so I can’t spoil anything. These are pictures that I quickly found online.


My inkling is: drop-waist with a trumpet bottom, strapless … okay, maybe this picture isn’t the best, the bottom lacks the more defined structure that I’m searching for, but you get the point. I think the drop waist would help to elongate my short torso, but again, it may shorten my legs and I may look like a Munchkin. I’ve also been told that with curvy (nice way to say “wide”) hips that this drop waist accentuates that, haha. I’m not sure what I’d rather opt for — because of my height I’ve been told that a flowy dress would be more appropriate and would make me look taller in general, but it’s just not my style (and I’m not pregnant) :].


This gown is more of an A-line, which is flattering on almost any bride, so I guess it has to be a contender. I’m going for simple and elegant, so this is a match.

Ball Gown

If I do Ball Gown, I’m going all out and doing ball gown. Obviously this example isn’t a good one if you are going for a casual, low-key outdoor ceremony, but there are some indoor options that are still in the running. I love the idea of looking glamorous and more regal, but I also want to be sure to be different and unique and ME. Ugh, pictures don’t do any of these gowns justice, nor do they help me make any sort of decision.

Ultimately when the time comes, I will walk into a boutique and let the designer go wild, allowing her to first put me in anything she thinks would look best, and then we’ll go from there. Obviously, I’ll ask to try on my number one gown that I have fallen in love with online, and I just pray that it is flattering and is THE dress (my mother is pretty excited to play “Say Yes to the Dress” … adorable). I want to savor the moment and not fall in love with the first dress that I try on because it’s my time to be a bride, to have that bridal experience … but I’m 99% sure that if I tried on the dress that I am in love with FIRST, that I’d walk out with the dress of my dreams after only trying on one.

Are there any brides out there that are uber short and have any advice??!!?!? Any fashion-forward females up on the UP about this sort of thing that could steer me in A direction???


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3 responses to “Enough Teasing … Let’s talk Bridal Gowns

  1. Jill

    These are all WAY different than my email the other night, which leads me to believe that you have no idea what you want and really just need to go try some on and see what you like on you! 😉 Of the three, I like the A Line the best. Also, you are not that super short! We’ll throw some heels on you and you’ll be average height so if you want a princess dress, I don’t think you’ll look like a munchkin.

    I think the dresses we picked out in middle school were all princess dresses. xoxo

  2. Well as you know I am also a shorty… and I think the bottom line is that you need to pick something you love. I would gather a few photos and pick certain details you love and then when you go to the salon to try to them on tell them the things you like… and if they know what they are doing they can lead you in the right direction. Bottom line… you need to LOVE it and feel more beautiful then you have EVER felt. I went in and said I want texture, sweetheart, low back, and light weight… and they found it! ALSO a GREAT seamstress is crucial… you want that dress to be MADE for you so when you order don’t worry about size I’m a street size 1 or 2 and my dress was an 8… so don’t let the numbers insult you. And when it comes in make sure you have a seamstress that will tailor it just for you 🙂 This may not help at all but having photographed MANY MANY brides I can tell you that you can tell when a dress doesn’t fit right or when it doesn’t feel right. So be picky, be specific, DON’T settle, and search until you FALL IN LOVE! hope that helps! Love you!

    ALSO destiny’s bridal (if you are gunna look in AZ) is honestly the best place to go… their dresses range in prices and they are SOOO professional! Worth looking anyway.


  3. Kathy

    As Jilly said, these dresses are not at all like the ones you showed us the other night, but that’s OK. Zacaroni needs to be surprised, and I understand you posted these dresses for the STYLE only. Besides, when we say Yes to the Dress, nothing else will matter. But, you will need to clear your mind and open it up to the possibilities that are brought to you. See you Saturday! 🙂

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