Just a girl starting a new journey — beginning with the event she has dreamed about for years.

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  1. Megan Tollefson Fraser

    Hey Emma! I knew you through ResLife and happened upon your new blog. What a great idea to blog about the wedding process and the whirlwind that getting married entails. I don’t even know who you’re marrying, but one piece of advice I have for you during this hectic planning process is to focus on your relationships (with Mr. Right, and your supportive family and friends)during this special time as much, or more than, planning this one-day extravaganza…and don’t forget to focus on those relationships once the big day has passed. I have seen all too many brides plan every little detail about their dream day, but once it is over, they let the very relationship worth celebrating fall apart. If you put as much work into your marriage as you do the planning for it, you will be in great shape. We had a long engagement while we both finished our undergrad (16 months). I treasure that time in our lives as we grew together and merged our lives…which definitely helped prepare us for married life in the military.

    Also, figure out your top priorities (mine were an elegant venue, a delicious meal, and FUN) and let the rest go. Be willing to fight to get everything right regarding those top priorities, then everything else will fall into place (according to time and BUDGET). All my husband cared about was the food…so I made sure he attended every tasting and felt like he had a voice. I know it’s all about the bride, but I know it meant a lot to him to be asked for input and be listened. That’s what marriage is all about.

    Best wishes to you! Enjoy the planning, the big day, AND the wonderful marriage to come!

    -Megan Tollefson Fraser

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